From ancient battle movements on horseback, to a modern
equestrian ballet, this is
Music for Dressage.  This CD contains
over 40 minutes of powerful, contemporary instrumental music in a
smooth jazz style that was written for choreographed freestyle
routines in the equestrian sport of Dressage. Instruments include
acoustic and Spanish guitars, pianos, flutes, saxophone,
percussion and more. Because of the easy listening sound, the
music has since found it's way to evenings with candlelight, glasses
of merlot, and your imagination...

Whether you are just starting out, or you are riding at Grand Prix,
this has crowd pleasing music perfect for all levels! This is a must
have CD for anyone interested in Dressage Freestyles. Do you
need a gift idea for your favorite music aficionado? Look no further!
Music for Dressage
Music for Dressage CD - The Judge at 'E' - by TJ Martin
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